The Beginning of a Blog, and a few Very Short Stories

Welcome to my writer’s blog! I’m Philip, and this will be a place where I share my various short stories, book reviews (with an emphasis on indie works), and news about my planned novels.

I’ve always enjoyed writing prompts — it’s a rewarding challenge to create a story each day, even when I don’t feel “inspired”, and fun to read the unique creations other writers dream up from the same seed of an idea. Since my prompt-inspired stories have been scattered over different sites, or not previously shared at all, I’ll be collecting some of my favorites here.

On Twitter, the #vss365 hashtag is a daily one-word writing prompt for Very Short Stories. I’ve been participating for the past couple years, after being introduced by my writing buddy M.H. Thaung (whose entertaining stories you can find here ). So, without further ado, a handful to kick off the blog:


The detective announced, “The killer stole an object, the size of a golf ball, but didn’t have time to hide it… Was it you, Lady Edna?”

She fanned herself. “Ridiculous.”

“Or you, Sir Wally?” He turned to the man whose cheek ballooned like a chipmunk’s.



He is treated royally — bathed in oils, skin massaged, hair perfumed.

Clad in a silk robe, he enters her chamber. She lies obscured on a veiled bed, beckoning him.

A peculiar scent gives him pause. From her? No. He sniffs his arm. They’ve rubbed him with seasonings.


The rock golem tapped his chin. “What called, when sky meet earth?”

“The horizon?”

“Ahh. Step left, so don’t become horizon.”

“Huh?” Elise dodged just in time to avoid a thunderous meteorite impact. She spat out dirt and brushed pebbles from her hair. “Uh, thanks.”

Thank you for visiting! And if you’d like, please follow my blog for more stories.

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