More Very Short Stories

Today’s post features another collection of my Very Short Stories originally posted to Twitter, inspired by writing prompts from the #vss365 hashtag. If you haven’t participated before, I recommend giving it a try! There are lots of brilliant writers posting entertaining stories each day.


She ran her fingers through the tangled overgrowth, untouched by human instrument. “To think, an untamed wilderness lay so near! Wildlife might roam freely upon these verdant fields-“

“Mom, stop!” the boy grumbled into his oatmeal. “I get it already, I need a haircut.”


They traveled far to make their plea, but forgot their #awe when the God of Nature took the form of a hamster. “Look at his chubby little cheeks! I want to pinch them.”

He squeaked, “Anyone pinching the deity will be smitten!”

“Oh, I am!”

“Er, I mean, smited. Smote?”


“I don’t need #silver or garlic. I’ve studied the old, obscure ways.” Cass flung dried rice around the office.

“Ah, but it’s a new age.” The CEO pushed a button. “Now we have accountants for that.”

A bespectacled man hurried into the office and knelt. “One… Two…”


“Why are you so giddy?”

“Must be my natural #effervescence.”

Zoe’s friend leaned closer. “Your pupils are bigger than the Twin Moons. Don’t tell me you’ve been smoking the Dark Lord’s Lettuce?”

“Oh, please.” She hiccuped and flame shot from her nose. “It’s medicinal.”


“Ask away, magistrate, if it dispels these #vicious rumors.”

“Your absence during full moons?”

“A fine time to walk the moors.”

“Your oddly hairy chest?”

“Proof of manhood.”

“…you’re scratching your ear with your foot.”

“Oh, I’m to be condemned for flexibility?”


“If you don’t get on that plane, you’ll #regret it. Maybe not today, maybe not-“

“You’re no Bogart,” she said, climbing into the too-small seat.

He fed a quarter into the machine and it gently tilted side to side. Her laughter drew scornful looks from the waiting kids.

Thanks for reading, and stay tuned for some longer flash fiction, later in the week!

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