Even More Very Short Stories

Today, another round of my contributions to the daily #vss365 writing prompt on Twitter, from 2019. I hope you’ll enjoy them!



The pearl divers had a choice between their guards’ bayonets or the depths.

On a single breath, Alma dove a hundred feet, shadowed by reef sharks. Basket half-full, lungs less, she pried with a hidden knife.

An iridescent orb slipped into her cheek. For the rebels.


“Do not dawdle,” said the wizard to the thief, “lest the guardians happen upon us. We must away.”

“Why you gotta talk so fancy-like? Just say-“


“I ain’t got wings. I was more thinkin-“

The wizard’s staff thumped him. “Run, dumbass!”

“‘zactly. That’s better.”


The boy stood outside his bedroom. “Don’t go in there.”

“I’ve seen plenty of your messes.”

“It’s worse than you’re imagining.”

The door creaked open. A giant spider wearing a party hat blinked eight eyes at her, then sheepishly shut the door.

“You’re grounded.”


The fisherman stood among swaying reeds tinged amber by the setting sun. Around his tall rubber boots, the river was alive with eels and fish.

Naturally, none were interested in his lure.

He watched a log drift by in the current. A lumpy log with a knife in its back.


The mouse trembled, paws over its eyes. “Please don’t devour me.”

Smirking, the snake slithered closer.

With a loud whoop, two mice plummeted from the treetops and landed on his back. A strap cinched tight around his scales. He hissed, “What iss thiss?!”

“A saddle.”


The drenched postman took shelter under a newspaper stand. “Neither rain, nor sleet… Miserable motto.”

Sneezing, he twisted water from his damp handkerchief a couple times.

Do you always do that?” asked the vendor.


“Wring twice.”

His glare was murderous.


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