Story-A-Day May #30: Revenge of the Tavern Tales

We’ve already hit’s penultimate challenge prompt! It’s an intriguing one, to “plagiarize yourself” — specifically, to rewrite one of your stories from earlier in the month, in a different way. I enjoyed the excuse to revisit them, and I decided to use my story for May 11th, dubbed “Tavern Tales”, which you can read … Continue reading Story-A-Day May #30: Revenge of the Tavern Tales

Story-A-Day May #29: The Hawaiian-Shirt Triangle

With 3 days to go in the challenge, we have a Rashomon-like prompt from “Write a story in three sections, each section recounting the same event from a different character’s point of view.” My story concerns a husband and father, his daughter, his wife, and his prized Hawaiian shirt, which mysteriously vanishes. Probably not … Continue reading Story-A-Day May #29: The Hawaiian-Shirt Triangle

Story-A-Day May #24: How to Kill a Killbot

I wasn’t planning to immediately write more in the setting of Professor Calamity and the Clockwork Cowboy, but the new prompt from fit too perfectly. It’s to create a story inspired by this Eagles lyric: “The towns lay out across the dusty plains like graveyards filled with tombstones waiting for the names.” This story … Continue reading Story-A-Day May #24: How to Kill a Killbot