The Release of The Snake-Oil Pursuit!

I’m very excited to announce my first novel has officially released! It’s available for purchase on Amazon, and on Kindle Unlimited. It feels like the conclusion of a long journey, after so many years of work. But the next story, and the next journey has already begun… (that, however, is an update for another day 🙂 ).

Here’s the official blurb:

On a lawless frontier, far from the cities of the gods, justice is handmade.

Nette’s quiet life as a blacksmith comes to an abrupt end when her parents are butchered by unholy sorcery. Though she’s better acquainted with scripture than the horrors of the wilderness, she’ll brave any danger to find the killer, relying on an unwanted talent for deceitful illusions. Her honest nature is further vexed when accusations against her prime suspect, a traveling alchemist, prove false. Worst of all, that shameless charlatan holds the only lead on the true culprit, and her help won’t come cheap.

“Doctor” Mary knows a thing or two about sorcerous killers. After all, she’s the wayward daughter of the frontier’s most notorious crime family. Though she fled from their grim business, she can’t outrun an old debt. She pledges to help Nette for the sake of her true love — gold — but her silver tongue will have to work overtime to keep the stubborn hayseed alive. When the trail leads back to the sordid city Mary called home, they’ll be lucky if they only cross paths with one cold-blooded murderer.

I’m really proud of it, and I hope you’ll give it a look!

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