A Word on my New Project!

After publishing one story, I’m already well into writing my next, The Kindness of Killbots. It’s a Weird West/steampunk novel, starring a very kind killbot, Unit-N1T0, aka Nito. Returning readers may remember him and his trusty clockwork steed from a few of my old short stories.

I’ve also been learning a little about making 3D renders lately, so I couldn’t resist combining the two. Here’s Nito and his horse Ella striking a dramatic pose:

If you look closely, you may spot a few of this weird frontier’s odd lizards scurrying in the background.

That’s the important news for now, but I’ll have more short stories to share soon!

And just a reminder that my debut novel is available now on Amazon, in ebook, paperback, and free with Kindle Unlimited. Its frontier setting isn’t quite as weird or unserious as Nito’s, but it’s much more deadly, mysterious, and magical.

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