The Release of The Snake-Oil Pursuit!

I'm very excited to announce my first novel has officially released! It's available for purchase on Amazon, and on Kindle Unlimited. It feels like the conclusion of a long journey, after so many years of work. But the next story, and the next journey has already begun... (that, however, is an update for another day … Continue reading The Release of The Snake-Oil Pursuit!

Story-A-Day May #29: The Hawaiian-Shirt Triangle

With 3 days to go in the challenge, we have a Rashomon-like prompt from “Write a story in three sections, each section recounting the same event from a different character’s point of view.” My story concerns a husband and father, his daughter, his wife, and his prized Hawaiian shirt, which mysteriously vanishes. Probably not … Continue reading Story-A-Day May #29: The Hawaiian-Shirt Triangle