Story-A-Day May #24: How to Kill a Killbot

I wasn’t planning to immediately write more in the setting of Professor Calamity and the Clockwork Cowboy, but the new prompt from fit too perfectly. It’s to create a story inspired by this Eagles lyric: “The towns lay out across the dusty plains like graveyards filled with tombstones waiting for the names.” This story … Continue reading Story-A-Day May #24: How to Kill a Killbot

Story-A-Day May #15: The Cryptid Conundrum

We’re halfway through the Story-A-Day May challenge, and fittingly the challenge prompt of the day is to write about a character who’s at a halfway point (of any sort). This time I wrote an adventure story, starring a cryptozoologist having the best, and worst, day of her life. *** The Cryptid Conundrum Sasquatch was real, … Continue reading Story-A-Day May #15: The Cryptid Conundrum